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Do Your Job Until Jesus Comes!                    Luke 19:11-28

This is the last passage in the “travel to Jerusalem” section before Jesus’ passion week in Jerusalem (9:21-19:27).

The purpose of the parable                                       V. 11   

8 Truths about Jesus’ two comings from the parable of the minas:

Jesus went back to Heaven without beginning His _______________ kingdom                            V. 12                                       

Jesus will return in the future ___________________ to begin His physical kingdom          V. 12, 15

That means we live in an interval of time _________________ His two comings              V. 12, 15

Acts 1:6-8

Jesus has _______________________ of His servants between His two comings                          V. 13                           

The word for “Do business” only appears here in the Greek New Testament. He is calling for ________________ service for Him while He is gone.                      I Corinthians 15:58

Jesus’ enemies will continue to ____________ against Him before He returns                             V. 14                                       

There will be a future time of _____________________ for Jesus’ faithful servants        V. 15-19           Rom 14:10b, 12     2 Cor. 5:10

Matthew 19:28-30                  I Corinthians 3:11-15

There will be a future time of disappointment for unfaithful servants                              V. 20-26            Matthew 13:49-50

There will be a future time of reckoning for those who ___________ Jesus                                   V. 27