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The effort to discredit Jesus through POLITICS                    V. 20-22

Jesus brilliantly answers His critics                                       V. 23-26

What “Render to Caesar” does not mean – “Render to Caesar does not mean that our faith does not apply to the public sphere – it DOES!”

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, “Mine!”  -Abraham Kuyper

Sanctified Rabbit Trail – Niebuhr’s 5 Christ and Culture Responses

What “Render to Caesar” does mean – Render to Caesar means that we are to faithfully fulfill the duties (“job descriptions”) of each SPHERE God places us in.    Romans 13:1,4     I Peter 2:13-16

We are only to worship God, but we are also to HONOR everything we can about the authorities God places in our lives.

When you are under authority you have a job description to fulfill and that’s what you give to Caesar, or your parents, or your pastor, or your teacher, or your coach, or your boss

The Two times we practice civil disobedience:

When the authority tells you to do that which your faith will not allow, DON’T do it!        

When the authority tells you not to do that which your faith calls for, do it ANYWAY!

The 2020 Challenge:

Spend 20 minutes in Bible study and prayer daily BEFORE spending any time on Media, including Social Media!

Give public thanks 20 times during 2020 for ANSWERS to prayer.