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Faithing the Harvest                     James 5:7-12


Chuck Swindoll’s story about his blind friend John.


Both Christian living and farming are matters of faith…


“O Lord, we have done what we could do for harvest, now we trust you”


In the Bible there is no direct correlation between our faithfulness and how LARGE the harvest is


Live expectantly – Jesus is Coming back!                                                       V. 7-9


8 times in the book of James he talks about the coming judgment day, THREE times in this passage. That’s one out of every 14 verses in James’ 108 verses.


Understand that the Biblical doctrine of Christ’s return as Judge also carries with it the idea of imminence. It could happen at any time, but even if it doesn’t, it hangs over the earth like a shadow in an “IMPENDING way.”


Live faithfully – Jesus has not forgotten you!                                               V. 10-12


James’ call in light of the Lord’s coming is not to build up restlessness, but to call for faithing the harvest – To patiently PERSERVERE with Kingdom Priorities! 


Ordinary Job patiently endured and so can we (verse 11)


Job struggled with what was happening in his life, and there were times when Job’s speeches reveal a man ready to give up but who kept CLINGING to faith in God and future restoration.


Ordinary Elijah continued to pray and so should we (verses 17-18)


Elijah was mightily used of God, but I remember how Elijah also got DISCOURAGED sometimes and despaired of continuing – But God didn’t let him give up!