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The Apostle of Hope             I Peter 1:1-2

His name was Simon, but Jesus had changed it to Peter, which means Rock. Jesus saw beyond what Simon had been to what he would become – one of the key leaders of the early church.

Peter speaks of Jesus as the sole Cornerstone of our faith, not himself. He also speaks of __________ believers as living stones; then he says all believers are a holy priesthood, demolishing any sacramental distinction between clergy and laity. -I Peter 2:4-6

An apostle is an official representative authorized by the One sending them. There are not apostles today the way that Peter and Paul and others were: authorized to write ________________ in fulfilment of John 16:12-15 (2 Cor. 12:12).

“The word is used of those who are temporary residents, not permanent settlers in the land; who have a deep attachment and a higher allegiance in another sphere.”                    -Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament (Rienecker/ Rogers)


These Christians were facing temporary circumstances that Peter describes as fiery ordeals. In 5 brief chapters, Peter refers to ___________________ at least 15 times using 8 different words – an average of 3 references per chapter. He is writing to give them eternal hope in the midst of their temporary struggles!


Even before verse one ends, Peter shows us how good _____________ is to undergird Christian experience.

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I appointed you that you should go out and produce fruit.”                   –John 15:16

Hope for Peter is not a sedative, but a shot of adrenaline!         -Warren Wiersbe