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This sermon was preached on March 14, 2021 during our 10:15 a.m. Worship Service.

Got Fellowship?


When the child of God

looks into the word of God

and sees the Son of God,

they are transformed by the Spirit of God

into the image of God

for the glory of God!

-Warren Wiersbe

The Christian faith is never presented in the Bible as something to be lived out alone! Instead God saves us to live out our faith with “One Another!”

We are going to start this series off with the foundational one another, the only true way any two Christians can have fellowship with one another.

The Foundational statement: God does not sin (at all!) 1:5

Then Jesus spoke to them again: “I Am the Light of the world. Anyone who follows Me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” -John 8:12

But we have sinned…and we do sin…and we probably will sin  1:6, 8, 10

Verse 6 helps us define walking in the light – to walk in the light is to live according to the truth.

Verses 8 and 10 help us further define walking in the light – to walk in the light is to live according to the truth of God’s word, the Holy Bible.

Now thank God the fact that we are sinners who sin is only half of the story in these verses. But it is part of our story – if we try to deny our sin natures we will continue to be part of the problem in the world, not part of the solution!

The godliest people you ever meet are the most aware of their own sinfulness.

Jesus HAS saved believers 1:7

Jesus IS saving those who believe 1:9

Before you became a Christian you just had the old sinful nature around. But when you received Christ, you received the indwelling Spirit, and the fight is on for the rest of this life between the old nature and your new spiritual nature.

Jesus WILL save those who believe 2:1

If you are His by faith in Jesus, one day you will be free from the very presence of sin – that’s called glorification, and along with justification and sanctification it was all guaranteed the moment you were born again!

Our commitment to living by biblical truth is the basis of our fellowship 1:7

The basis of our fellowship with One Another is total commitment to the Bible as the word of God, our instructions for belief and behavior!