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The Age of Human Government

Dispensationalism is God’s creative management of the ages in keeping with His own eternal plan, incorporating the good and bad choices of humans.                     

The name of the age:       The Age of human government

Scriptures covered:           Genesis _________________


The Age of Human Government was between the Flood and the Tower of Babel (2000 BC?). God instructed humans to enact the ____________________ penalty for murder (Gen. 9:6). Ever rebellious, people gathered at Babel and began building a godless city & a huge tower, proclaiming “let us make a name for ourselves” (Gen. 11:4). The age ended with their inability to speak the same language and their being scattered geographically. God called out Abraham to provide hope.     

Time Period covered:       2400 BC – 2000 BC?

Privileges/ characteristics:

Humanity given a chance to _____________________  _____________ by God!

New Responsibility:

Scatter and multiply after the flood

Institution of the Death Penalty for murder, necessitating human _____________


Did not scatter over the earth

Instead of _________________ God they wanted to make a name for themselves


Specific Judgment on the Canaanite line within the descendants of Ham

___________________ of languages

People now scattered throughout the earth

What ended when that age ended:

Having one global language understandable by all!

Carry-over to next age(s):

Death Penalty for murder

The ________________ on the Canaanite people (NOT Ham’s other descendants)

Different languages spoken throughout the earth

Nimrod and Babel/ Babylon as _________________ of anti-God power

Grace: a godly remnant preserved through Shem and the selection of Abraham


Look at specific verses:



The curse of Ham was a curse on Ham exacted through his descendants, but it was not a curse on _______________ his descendants, only the Canaanites.


Genesis 1 and 10 give a comprehensive look at a period of time, whereas Genesis 2 and 11 go back and get more ________________ about a key event.


The 2 great kingdoms that would later harass Israel, Babylon and Assyria, had their __________________ in a guy named Nimrod!


The first 3 ages of human life on earth lasted about 2,000 years and all three ages ended with HUGE judgments affecting us to this day – The Age of Innocence ended with the Fall; The Age of Conscience ended with the Flood; The Age of Human Government ended with The Confusion of Languages and humans being scattered throughout the earth.