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Hallelujah Time in Heaven

But in today’s passage we will see a bride that has had to wait much longer, and an even sweeter marriage ceremony to come. And this story involves each of us who are born again Christians and the saints of all time!

Read Revelation 19:1-10            Hallelujah time in Heaven!        Let’s Pray!

The Three Purposes of the Seven Year Tribulation:

1.        Judge the satanic system that has filled the earth with sin

2.        Re-gather a spiritual Israel that will be ready for Christ’s rule on earth

3.        Give everyone on earth several last chances to repent before it’s too late

Heaven says Hallelujah for the judgment of the evil world system                 V. 1-5

Hallelujah means praise the Lord. About 50 times in the Old Testament the word for praise, Halel, is followed by the word for Lord, Yahweh. Heaven puts the two together in Revelation 19 and we now have the one word Alleluia.

What is Heaven praising God for in verses 1-2?

Because salvation (deliverance), glory, honor and power belong to the Lord, as demonstrated by His righteous judgment of the Satanic world system that corrupted the earth, avenging the blood of all the saints she had killed.

Heaven says Hallelujah for the commencement of Christ’s earthly rule   V. 6-10

The word for omnipotent in verse 6 is pantokrator – it means ruler of all! It occurs 10 times in the New Testament, 9 of which are in Revelation!

What should we do in response to Christ’s certain coming to physically reign?

Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory!

Anticipation of future joy can make our hearts glad now!