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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Read Revelation 19:11-21           The Second Coming of Jesus Christ       Let’s Pray!

Ten Differences Between the Rapture and the Second Coming:

Rapture/ Blessed Hope:                          Second Coming/ Glorious Appearing:

Believers raptured or “caught up”       No one “raptured” up

Meet Christ in air, go to Heaven          Christ comes with us from Heaven to earth

Imminent: No events before                 Many events before, including Tribulation

End of the Church Age                             End of the Tribulation/ Age of Wrath

Promise kept to the church                    Promise kept to Israel

For believers only                                     Affects all of humanity

Only believers see Jesus                         Entire world sees Jesus

Time of joy and eternal life                   Time of judgment and death

Before the Tribulation                             After the Tribulation

After rapture Tribulation begins          After 2nd Coming 1,000 year reign begins


Jesus and the saints assemble in Heaven for His ‘freedom’ ride           V. 11-16

The Lamb who rode the Donkey to take away our sins will return as the Lion riding the Horse as the liberator of the earth from Satan’s clutches!


Faithful and True (v. 11)

A Mystery name (v.12)

The Word of God (v. 13)

Almighty God (v. 15)

King of Kings and Lord of Lords (v. 16)


His eyes were like a flame of fire (v. 12)

His head had many crowns on it (v.12)

He is wearing a bloody robe (v.13)

Out of His mouth goes a sharp, two-edged sword (v. 15)


To judge in righteousness (v. 11) and commence His perfect rule (v. 15)

To make war (v. 11) and to smite the nations (v.15)

Scavenger birds assemble in the air for their coming buffet meal        V. 17-18

Antichrist and his armies assemble in Israel to fight God                        V. 19-21