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When The Saints Come Marching In!

And that’s exactly what we see happen in Revelation 20: six times in 7 verses, six times in 233 words, it refers to Christ’s upcoming 1,000 year reign on earth.  

Read Revelation 20:1-6   When the Saints Come Marching In!             Let’s Pray!

The Word Millennium comes from two Latin words: “Milli” means a thousand and “annum” means year. Millennium means a thousand years.

The Three Main Millennial Views:

1.        The Amillennial view – There is NO 1,000 year reign of Christ in earth.

2.        The Postmillennial view – Jesus’ 2nd Coming is AFTER the “millennium.”

3.        The Premillennial view – The millennium is AFTER the 2nd Coming.

Turn to Acts 1:6-8. 

In Acts 1:6-8 Jesus affirms two things: there is a time coming in the future set to restore the Kingdom to Israel (in fulfillment of Old Testament promises), and that in the mean-time His disciples are to be witnesses (the church age). 

The Two Great Truths for Earth During the Millennium:

1.        Satan won’t be around!                                       V. 1-3

2.        Jesus will be on earth during the millennium!                     V. 4-6

I think it is God’s plan to bring the saints of all time together during this millennium in preparation for eternity together. We will all experience 1,000 year ‘Holy Land Experience.’

Isaiah 2:1-4 tells us earth will flourish with the knowledge of Jesus during this time, and people will stream from the nations to worship Jesus in Jerusalem! Jesus will settle any disputes among the nations and there won’t be any war.