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The Lake of Fire

Friend, with all the love I have in my heart I want you to know that you have one big choice in life to make that determines your eternal destiny. That choice will determine whether you spend eternity with God, or eternity in the Lake of Fire. Your choice determines whether you stand before God one day being evaluated according to your own deeds, or on the basis of your trust in the deed done for you by Jesus Christ!

Read Revelation 20:7-15                        The Lake of Fire                             Let’s Pray 


The Final Judgment of the Devil – The Lake of Fire                                    V. 7-10

The Bible has the tree of life at the beginning and the end, and the most perfect tree of life in the middle, the Cross that Jesus died for sinners on! 

One of the great unanswered questions of the Bible is: “Who are the people who join with Satan to attack Jerusalem at the end of the millennium?”

Apparently there will be many people born during the millennium that obey Christ outwardly because they have to but have not received Him inwardly through the new birth. Amazingly, despite living on a near perfect world with Christ present, when the millennium is over they will join Satan against Jesus.

Look at verse nine. It shows us the sad end of this army of rebellion. Fire came down from Heaven and consumed them! After His Second Coming Christ will never allow harm to come to Jerusalem again!

Folks, everyone on earth will be judged according to two kinds of works: Either Christ’s work for them on the cross done in pure righteousness, or their own works tainted by sin!

The Problem with being judged according to our own works is we fail to understand the true desperation of our situation before God. As sinners before a holy God, whose standard is perfection, we could never do enough good works to make up for our lostness before a Holy God.

The Good News is that Jesus Christ came to earth to personally do something about the position sinners were in. He bore our sins on the Cross, literally dying in our place. When we receive Him, we are forgiven of our sins, we have our names written in the Book of Life, and Christ’s perfect righteousness counts as our own on judgment day!

Now look at verse thirteen. It tells us these unbelievers will be judged according to their works. The Bible teaches there will be degrees of punishment in the Lake of Fire. No one will be glad they are there, but those who had greater revelation from God and failed to obey it will suffer more.

A soul, once created, goes on forever. Apart from Jesus’ work everyone would have had to go to the Lake of Fire because of sin and their inability to produce the perfect righteousness required for Heaven. Because of Jesus’ work, people can go to Heaven instead if they receive Him and let His righteousness count for them before the Great White Throne. Those are the only options.

But this is the final truth: If you don’t turn to Jesus your eternal home will be the Lake of Fire. Why not turn to Jesus now before it’s too late?