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Psalm 3 Worksheet

Notice this is the first Psalm with a ___________________!

If you are looking for a kind of Psalm this is, you could call it a “Trouble & __________________” Psalm. 

David’s Trouble                                     V. 1-2

That’s the first instance of the word __________________ in the Psalms. 

Three times the Hebrew root for _________________ occurs.

David’s _______________________                        V. 3

David says three things here that YHWH is for him – 

YHWH, you are my _________________________!    Genesis 15:1

YHWH, you are my _________________________!  

YHWH, you are the One who ______________________ up my head!

David’s Trust                                     V. 4-6

What a great Psalm about how we can trust God even in the midst of our troubles and things that _____________________ us!

So there’s the word for us: ___________________ pour your heart out to God, leaving your situation in His hands, and then put your head on the pillow! 

“When prayer leads the van, deliverance brings up the rear!”       -Thomas Watson  

Do you see what David is doing in his prayer time?  

He is _______________________ to himself!  

David’s _______________________ prayer!                        V. 7-8

There are two key verbs here as David prays to the Lord: ____________________ and save! 

Maybe that’s why we don’t wrestle more with God – Because deep down we know there’s a ___________________ for this kind of commitment to God!

A person who prays like this understands three dynamics:
1.     That without God they can do nothing! 
2.    That the only reason they defeated giants in the past was that God did it!  
3.    That being a man or woman of God means praying directly to God in a spirit of trust, and then stepping out in ____________, leaving the results to God.