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I Repeat: Only be Ruled by JESUS!

Read Colossians 2:20-23             I repeat: Only be ruled by Jesus!          Let’s Pray!

 The death Christian believers have already experienced                       V. 20a

But beyond physical death (the first death) and spiritual death (the second death), the Bible adds that believers have died to their pre-Jesus way of living.

Before you became a Christian, you were dead to God’s ways and alive to the world systems’ ways – Jesus didn’t matter to you at all.

When you become a believer, your situation reverses – you become dead to the world system’s ways and alive to God’s ways – now Jesus is all that matters to you!

“Don’ts” didn’t save you and “don’ts” won’t sustain you                       V. 20b-22

Every generation has wise guy teachers that give you extra legalistic ways to obey God’s simple and beautiful instructions in Scripture. Inevitably those teachings wind up doing harm to many people.

My point IS that in many areas we gravitate toward legalistic checklists in religion rather than what biblical discipleship is – a long walk together with fellow believers as we become faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus Christ.

The real problem when shallow legalism replaces real discipleship                V. 23

The real problem with shallow legalism and rigid checklists is that they don’t work in helping you be a faithful and fruitful follower of Jesus Christ!

Are you going to be ruled by Jesus and His biblical expectations of you, or ruled by others unbiblical and/or extrabiblical expectations of you?

As your Pastor I am zealous for you and this church to keep the main thing the main thing! If you have been in the faith for 3 years or more, we should be talking together about the best way for us to impact the world for Christ!