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The Christian and Speech Purity

“When the child of God

looks into the word of God

and sees the Son of God,

they are transformed by the Spirit of God

into the image of God

for the glory of God.”

-Warren Wiersbe

Read Col. 3:8-11                The Christian and Speech Purity                      Let’s Pray!

We are called to put away the anger behind our speech sins                V. 8a

But then you did it again, and you became sinfully comfortable with a compartmentalized faith – Jesus talk on Sundays, Devil talk the rest of the week. And for many of you, the Devil talk comes with you on Sunday too.

We are called to put away our speech sins                                      V. 8b-9

We are called to a renewed emphasis on creation in God’s image       V. 10-11

Christians first look at all people and see people that God created in His image and they see people that Christ died for.