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The Christian Marriage

In today’s passage in Colossians, and the parallel passage in Ephesians, we will see what the New Testament says to husbands in their roles as husbands, and wives in their roles as wives, and to both as part of their marriage team.

Read Col. 3:16-19 & Eph. 5:19-33         The Christian Marriage                Let’s Pray!

Who comes first in the Christian marriage?                                     V. 17

God comes first in the Christian marriage!

What comes second in the Christian marriage?                              Eph. 5:21

The marriage team itself comes before the individual team members

Who is the captain of the marriage team?  

The husband is the captain (head) of the marriage team             V. 18-19

The word submit is sometimes translated subjection. It is the Greek word upotasso, and is found in 31 verses in the New Testament. It is a military inspired term that means to place yourself in rank under.

The role of the wife in a Christian marriage                                                 V. 18

Encouraging respect from a wife toward her husband is like oxygen to his soul!

The role of the husband in a Christian marriage                             V. 19

Nourishing love from a husband toward his wife that shows how much he cherishes her is like oxygen to her soul!

Peter was the first man in world history that called for men to be considerate of their wives and show them honor like a fine wine, fine china, or fine art.