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The Price of Christian Growth

Hebrews 6:9-20

Jacob and Rebekah…

The Christian life also takes perseverance amidst pain, although we should say at the outset that God _____________________ far more perseverance toward us, replete with our frailty and sinful tendencies, than anything He calls us to do!

Philippians 1:6            Hebrews 12:2


Chapter 6 really goes together in 2 parts:

The first part is that growth is the ____________ of the Christian life.

Today’s verses are the 2nd part: The Price Tag of Christian growth.


The Price Tag of the Christian life is _________________             V. 15

Personal experience has taught us that you never have to endure _______________ experiences!


As we patiently endure through painful circumstances, we realize that God has ____________________ kept His promises to us.


Another way to say this:

Pain comes first, then a __________________ is realized.



 The Development phases of a Christian (Dr. Bill Lawrence, DTS):

1.         Salvation

2.         _______________ Encounters

3.         Relationships

4.         _______________ Grace

You pass the test when you say ___________ to God when you want to say no.

5.         Brokenness

6.         ___________________

7.         Renewed Mind

A childlike faith is replaced by a _____________________.


This entire passage is about the call to persevere and ____________________ God’s promises.

Let’s walk back through the passage…


Hebrews 12:1