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Psalm 33 Worksheet

Even though it has ____________ verses, Psalm 33 is not an acrostic poem like 8 Psalms are (9/10, 25, 34, 37, 111, 112, 119, and 145). Acrostic poems have each verse begin with the next letter of the alphabet.

What does Psalm 33 not have that we have come to expect in this first book of the Psalms (Psalms 1-41)? There is no ___________________.

Psalm 33 is like a ___________________ with a hymn before it and a hymn after it! It is classified as a hymn of praise.

Call to worship                                                                                                           V. 1-3

How many commands to worship are in the first 3 verses?  ___________

God’s __________________ and achievements                                                       V. 4-19

What 4 traits of God are extolled in verses 4-5?

Verse 6 shifts from who God is in His ________________ to what He has done!

Verse 6 is a powerful reminder that God created everything out of _____________ (creation ex nihilo) just by speaking things into existence.

Do you see the ways that verse 6 go along with the idea of God being a Trinity?            John 1; Gen. 1

Breath in verse 6 is the same word for Spirit in Genesis 1:2 – Ruah (H 7307).

The point of verse 9 is that God is King over creation, which leads to what He covers next – that God is also King of the ___________________!

Verse 12 is meant of Israel in a unique way that is not so for other nations – But every country who has put God first has also seen God bless them in special ways. And the reverse is true as well – as countries _______________ God’s truth, they find themselves under God’s judgment.

God considers whether we are doing what He wants us to do – especially whether our trust is in Him or in ourselves. HE warns us here about the folly of our ultimate trust being in ______________________ but Him!

Instead of trusting our own strength and abilities, we need to trust in the faithful love (hesed) of God.

Declaration of trust                                                                                                    V. 20-22

How are you doing at waiting on the Lord?

How are you doing at rejoicing in the God you say you trust?

How are you doing at hoping in this God who expresses His faithful love to us?