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Psalm 34 Worksheet

A little background on the Moabites:

1 Samuel 21:10-22:5

When you understand that background, verses 1-3 are simply remarkable!


David ________________ the Lord despite humiliating circumstances            V. 1-3

Who is with him at this point?

400 people who are either D____________, in D__________, or D____________!


David shares his _________________ despite humiliating circumstances            V. 4-7

I think in verse 7 he is equating the Angel of the Lord with Jesus, and is essentially proclaiming, “The Lord is ___________________   ______________ here with me right now! That’s why Saul hasn’t been able to kill me!”


David ___________________ despite humiliating circumstances                  V. 8-22

When Jesus creates a new earth it won’t matter what _________________ were built by guys named Napolean or Genghis Khan or Rockefeller or Fayed or Murdoch. Only what’s done for Christ will be celebrated on the new earth.

Romans 6:23


David __________________ despite humiliating circumstances                    V. 8-22

Some adversities will come to you _________ you are trying to do the right thing.

David had no place to go that would be refuge – So refuge became a _________________ instead of a place – The Lord!

What is David doing throughout this Psalm?

_____________________ his 400 men the way he had pastored sheep!