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Psalm 35 Worksheet

Psalm 35 is one of the imprecatory Psalms, in which the one praying asks God to decisively ________________ with those who have hurt God’s people and cause.


Lord, please fight ______________________ those fighting against me                V. 1-8

When Psalm 35 was written, Israel was God’s unique nation, and David was God’s King. Attacks on Israel and Israel’s King, from without or ______________________, were really attacks on God. David pleads with God to do something about it.

Keep in mind that David is not taking matters into his own imperfect hands, He is asking God to take matters into His ________________________ hands!  

You and I need to make sure we are truly seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness, like Matthew 6:33 says. When we do, we also need to ___________________ God to deal with those who don’t like it because they don’t want God’s will done.

I think those are great things to pray for those who have made themselves God’s enemies – Just don’t forget to ask God to ___________________ them also!

Praise chorus #1 – I will praise in my ____________________                               V. 9-10

Lord, they haven’t _______________________ your golden rule like I have         V. 11-17

It is good to study to give Christian answers. But there are also godless people out there that don’t want answers – they want to trip us up, to confuse our church kids, to _______________ ungodliness and rejection of God.

Now verse 13 lets us know that David really did have a heart for God and people, and sought to ________________________ the golden rule.

Praise chorus #2 – I will thank You _____________________                                 V. 18

Lord, speak up for the ____________________ ones in the land                           V. 19-26

All through the land God has his quiet ones. They love the Lord. They love their King. But they are timid and not speaking up for God and His leader. And all around them are these ____________________ voices trying to turn them from God.

In verse 22 David asks God to use God’s voice to have the last word! God will always have the __________________ word. David asks God to speak sooner rather than later.

Praise chorus #3 – The quiet ones will praise you a little ______________!          V. 27-28

Too often carnal church ____________________ never get stood up to by the good and godly people of the church that like spiritual things happening at the church.