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Psalm 36 Worksheet

David is called the ________________________ of the Lord in both Psalm 18 and 36!

In this Psalm David contrasts wicked and sinful people with the ________________________ and Righteous God.


The truth about the wicked person’s ________________ for God                          V. 1-4

The Hebrew word for Oracle is Na’um (H 5002), which occurs 358 times in the Old Testament. It mostly occurs in the prophets, with only 2 uses in Psalms, here and in the very important Psalm 110:1. It carries the force of a “______________________.” 

Notice the progression the wicked goes through:

First, the wicked person doesn’t _________________________ God.

Second, the wicked person’s lack of fearing God leads to sinful _______________________.

Third, the wicked person’s sinful pride leads them to ______________________ their sin.

Fourth, by God’s perfect standard the wicked is unwise and given over to _____________ ways.

The truth about God’s _________________ for man and beast                              V. 5-9

What Hebrew word do you think is the word for mercy in verse 5?

Hesed appears __________________ times in this Psalm

Verses 5 and 6 ____________________ God’s steadfast love, His faithfulness, His righteousness, and His justice.

Verses 7-9 call us to trust and be _____________________ with this great God!

David speaks here as one who stays close enough to God to know Him as his ______________.

In verse 8 David connects being close enough to God to being close to what?   God’s _________.

I love how often David anticipates being with God forever as experiencing _________________!

Psalm 16:9-11             Psalm 27:4, 13

Verse 9 beautifully summarizes how David viewed God – as his ____________ of Life and Light!

A beautiful little prayer for God’s __________________ and protection               V. 10-12

A person who fears God will have God as their standard of righteousness and seek to live as an ____________________ person.

What does David pray he will be kept from in verse 11?       ____________________