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Clean Is as Clean Does

Hebrews 10:1-18

Queen for a day

The author of Hebrews is just about to get to some practical matters that should be true in the life of every believer. These are things that real Christians just do. But God is so good to us, before He asks us to do, He reminds us of who we ______________ in Christ.

Here he teaches that those who are saved are not just already saved, they are already _____________________.

To be sanctified is to be __________________ and set apart for special use.

We have been sanctified AND we are ________________ sanctified.                                                                                            V. 10, 14

In God’s mind your salvation is ________________________ - He is the Author of your faith and He is the Finisher of your faith!

When we find out here that we are sanctified forever, that we are perfected forever, he is saying something about us that was ________ said about the things sanctified in the Old Testament.

Acts 20:32                   Acts 26:18

By _________________, Christian, you will grow to be more and more like Jesus – He has set you apart to do His will. Don’t forget that who you are in Christ comes before what you do for Christ!

Philippians 1:6

Once you become a believer, you will no longer experience God’s punishment. God will ___________________ you, but not punish you. You may experience sin’s built in consequences, but not God’s punishment! Calvary covers it all!