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The Least We Can Do

Hebrews 10:19-25

For 10 chapters he has spoken glorious words about who Jesus is and the sufficiency of His work on our behalf. Now he starts in on how we should _______________ to so great a Savior and so great a salvation!


The firm foundation                                                              V. 19-21

We can enter boldly! Enter what?                  God’s _______________!

Enter how?                                          By the _____________ of Jesus!


The least we can do in response to so great a Savior and salvation is:

Draw _____________________                                            V. 22

Matt. 15:8       James 4:8        Ps. 105:1          Rom. 10:13

Hold _____________________                                             V. 23

Deut. 13:4       Job 2:9             Job 27:6

Stir up!                                                                                    V. 24-25

What are we to stir up?          Love and ___________   _____________

The author of Hebrews explains that the reason we are not to forsake the assembling has __________________ to do with whether or not our needs are being met.

It’s amazing how when we start ___________________ in on meeting the needs of others how quickly our needs seem less troublesome.

Eph. 4:11-16

When every part of the body does not do it’s share it _____________ the growth of the body.