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Psalm 38 Worksheet

Psalms 9-10, 25, 34, 37, 111-112, 119, and 145 are acrostic psalms, but not this one. By the way, the tribute to the Proverbs 31 woman in Prov. 31:10-31, is acrostic, as well as the first four chapters of Lamentations.

Psalm 38 is an individual ________________________.

It looks like David is experiencing some kind of sickness and believes that some of it has happened because of his own _______________.

There is not always a direct connection between our sin and some sickness or affliction we are facing, but there certainly can be!

In verse 5 David is clear that part of what he is experiencing is because of his own ______________________.


David vividly describes the _____________ he is feeling                                        V. 1-11

Some of David’s words in these verses look a lot like what Job was experiencing in the book of Job.

Job 6:4; Job 33:19; Job 19:13-19

Sin does have built in consequences that can be experienced before we ever start speaking of the “______________________” judgment of God.

Despite his agony, David still trusts the Lord, as seen in verse 9 – My desire is before you; I know you hear my sighing. I think here David is basically stating that God is his only ________________.

David understands his enemies would love to see his ________________            V. 12-20

According to the second part of verse 20, why are these people David’s enemies?

Jesus told me I would have trouble in the world – John 16:33

Verses 13-14 show David’s more _________________ spirit toward his enemies, even while he is down and out.

Verses 17-18 show David’s _________________ as a believer. He can’t control whether this is the death of him or not, but he can confess his sin and be ready to meet God if this is his time.

Philippians 1:19-26

David closes in prayer for the Lord’s _______________________                          V. 21-22