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God’s Binoculars

Hebrews 11:8-22

Faith is trusting that the God who you can’t see is more important in your life than whatever you can see.

Today we come to Abraham, his son, and grandson – we call them the Patriarchs, the ____________________ of the faith.


Faith is believing that a promise made by God is a promise that will be _______________by God                                                      V. 8-16

The key to understanding our passage today is the occurrence of the word _________________.

Our problem in America – We have lost the ability to see __________ __________.

Faith is preparing in the present for that which may not be fulfilled until the _______________.


Faith is __________________ your life according to these promises                                                                                             V. 8-16

Genesis 23:4

This faith-ordered life is seen in 3 areas of faithfulness:

            Faithfulness in the “God ___________” in your life   Gen. 15:6

            Faithfulness in _____________ things                       Matt. 25:21

            Faithfulness in covenant ________________                       


Faith is an incredible ____________________ for the generations that follow                                                                             V. 20-22

Joshua 24:32-33


Abraham and the missing __________________                 V. 17-19

John 1:29