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Psalm 39 Worksheet

1 Chronicles 16:7-8, 37-43      1 Chronicles 25:1-3     2 Chronicles 5:11-14

Jeduthun’s name means “______________________,” and he was one of David’s first praise leaders, leading one of the 3 main sections of musicians. His choir sang and played instruments, he himself on the harp.

Psalm 62                      Psalm 77

Psalm 39 is a ______________________ Psalm.

David ____________________ his words until he simply must call out sin            V. 1-3

If you have ever struggled to know when to keep silent or when to speak up, King David could ______________________!

David’s words help us understand the necessity of wisely choosing our times of silence and our times of speech, and ____________________ until God nudges us to say words others need to hear.

David _______________________ on the temporary nature of this life                V. 4-11

________ of the 9 uses of the word ‘Hebel’ (vanity, breath) in the Psalms are here in Psalm 39.

David knew he needed to make the most of each day, and he shouldn’t take any day for granted. He also was well aware of his ________________. We do well to remind ourselves of the same things.

Let me urge you to often do what David does in the Psalms. During your prayer time, tell God that you ______________ the truth – You are weak but He is strong, and all your hope is in Him!

1 John 1:9

David knew that he was more likely to be heard by sinners when he spoke if he was in ___________________ relationship with God.

If you have ever been speaking for the Lord’s truth and struggling under God’s hand at the same time, David can ___________________!

Beauty is vain according to Proverbs 31 – God will keep stripping away what shouldn’t be in his saints until the true inner ________________________ emerges.

David’s concluding prayer                                                                                          V. 12-13

When we are frustrated with our circumstances, we should think back on the history of our fellow Christians – and our ________________________ with them!

Read Hebrews 11:30-40