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T.G.I.F.             Hebrews 11:23-40

Novena = 9 days of fasting and prayer to repent.

Can you say these things we’ve learned in Hebrews 11?

God, I believe that You exist.

God, I believe that You will reward me as I seek You.

God, I trust You to keep every promise that you have made to me.

God, I will order my life according to what I believe about You.

Faith chooses temporary suffering over temporary _______________                                                                                          V. 23-30

Moses looked to the reward and the reward _________________

When it comes to salvation…Thank God It’s ____________________                                                                                           V. 31-38

By faith, God commended…

Moses in spite of his temper

Rahab in spite of her sordid _____________

Gideon in spite of his skepticism

Barak in spite of his _________________ to lead

Samson in spite of his lust

Jephthah in spite of his ___________________

David in spite of a _________________

Samuel in spite of his being a momma’s boy

God’s Hall of Faith is still taking __________________        V. 39-40

Whether or not I live all out for God is not optional – my living all out for God is ________________ part of God’s plan.