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Psalm 40 Worksheet

A Hymn of Praise                                                                                           V. 1-10

The first 2 and a half verses are mostly ___________________ praise, with David using “I” and “me.”

Can you think of a prophet who had to literally be lifted out of a muddy pit?

Do you remember the name of the Ethiopian who took initiative to get the prophet out?

If this was figurative language for some sickness that David had, it is a reminder that sometimes God gets His children to look _______________ by putting them flat on their back!

Verses 3b-5 call for corporate worship, calling others to _______________ their testimony to David’s testimony!

God’s thoughts cannot be recounted back to Him in order! We have the way we would order things – and it is ____________________! And we would leave things out He doesn’t leave out!

Most of verses 6-8 are quoted by the Author of Hebrews and applies the testimony to _______________________.

Verse 6 repeats the truth Samuel taught Saul (1 Samuel 15:22) and Isaiah 1:11 repeats.

Notice how David mixes both positive and negative _____________ in verses 9-10.


A Prayer for _______________________                                                     V. 11-17

But the thing about David is – He is always ________________________ his prayer requests. Here he seems to have in mind things he faces from without from his enemies.

What kind of foes does David have in mind in verse 12?

Foes from _______________________ – his own sins.

Interestingly, Psalm 70 is nearly identical to Psalm 40:13-17.

The summary of am imprecatory prayer is that it asks God to repay the saints enemies because they are really ___________________’s enemies.


Let’s often be found saying, “The Lord be __________________________!”