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Breaking Through the Wall

Hebrews 12:1-11

The New Testament is clear that the nature of this life __________ suffering; due to Satan’s influence sin entered the world and caused death and suffering, and that effects the entire world.

The Christian life is more like a __________________ than a sprint.


Three facts of the Christian life:

We each have a __________________ to run                      V. 1c

Each of us is running the race God has marked out for us, not our __________________.

To run _______________ we must lay some things aside   V. 1b

Weights are things that may not be sin in and of themselves, but have become ______________ for us for any number of reasons.

We often get ____________________ in our race               V. 3b

Jesus is a Great Savior, Christians have a Great Salvation, and they can make it through life’s Great _____________________.


Three things to do when the Christian “hits the wall”:

Remember the cloud of ____________ who “got it done   V. 1a

Keep your ____________ on Jesus                                       V. 2

Remember that you are a _______________ of God           V. 5-10


Results of a race well run: ____________________             V. 11