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The Consuming Fire               Heb. 12:25-29

Great talkers…and great listeners!

There are at least 5 warnings in the Book of Hebrews:

The danger of drifting away from our salvation commitment (2:1ff)

The danger of hardening our hearts through unbelief (3:7ff)

The danger of not growing; being content with immaturity (5:11ff)

The danger of willfully sinning when we know better (10:26ff)


Today’s text has the last major warning in the book:

The danger of refusing to _________________ to God.


God is speaking – are we listening?                                      V. 25a


Turning from ________________ is worse than turning from law                                                                                                  V. 25b


Whole lot of __________________ going on                       V. 26-27


Revelation 6:12-14                  2 Peter 3:10-13


The Kingdom of God __________________ be shaken or burned                                                                                                  V. 28-29

Ecc. 3:12-13                             Col. 2:20-23

And so we have a challenge: to let heavenly priorities guide our earthly living while avoiding the _________________ of legalism and hedonism.


Don’t take your _________________ too seriously

1 Cor. 2:13b-15


__________________ your life around what really matters

Matthw 6:33


__________________ when God speaks


Give one-___________________ of your time to rejuvenation


Receive and give ___________________


Serve God with reverence and godly ________________


I believe it boils down to this: those who fear God respect the _________________ he has imposed on us for our own good.


“If our souls were properly ordered, we would love our limits, not despise them.”                           -Ken Meyers