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Psalm 42 and 43 Worksheet

This is the first Psalm of Book ________________

This is the first Psalm attributed to someone other then ____________________


Who was Korah?

1 Chronicles 6:31-38               1 Chr. 12:1-7                2 Chr. 20:13-19


Originally Psalm 42 and 43 were probably ________________ Psalm, like 9 & 10.


Is there a phrase that is repeated in these 2 Psalms?

42:5                 42:11               43:5


An Outline:

First “verse”:               A lament (42:1-4)                    Chorus (42:5)

Second “verse”:          A lament (42:6-10)                  Chorus (42:11)

Third “verse”:              A petition (43:1-4)                   Chorus (43:5)


This is one of the “Trouble and _________________” Psalms.


What is new about how God is addressed in verse 1?


In verse 2, the Psalmist is sad because he desperately wants to meet with God, but feels complete __________________ between him and God.


In verse 3, far from finding that refreshing drink, the Psalmist is having to drink his own _______________.


Verses 4-6 indicate this may have been written during the time of exile in ______________.

The location in verse 6 is in the north of the country, where what becomes the Jordan River starts as a ____________________ off of Mount Hermon.


Verse 7 seems to indicate that the only “water” he is experiencing is the “flood of ___________________” that has been allowed by God.


He immediately turns back to trust in verse eight, which is neat because it is the ___________________ of the two psalms.


Have you ever gone back and forth between worry and trust, fear and faith? According to Psalm 42-43, you are _____________________.


He lamented in Psalm 42; Psalm 43 is his _____________________.


We do well to join the Psalmist in the prayer of verse 3:

“Send Your light and Your truth; let them ________________ me to where you live, God!”


When we are distressed, and around us things seem to be changing for the worse, we must put our hope in our ____________________ God and Savior!