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Psalm 57 Worksheet

Psalm 57 is another Trouble and Trust Psalm within the series of 8 complaint Psalms from 52-59.  

David gives notes to the Chief Musician, with the note that the tune should be “Do Not Destroy,” which is also the suggested tune for Psalms 58, 59, and 75.

What kind of tune do you think will best bring out the concept “do not destroy?”

Michtam (H4387) appears in the heading for Psalm 16, and then every Psalm from 56 to 60. It’s meaning is uncertain, but definitely refers to a type of poem. Based on the 6 Psalms it is over, I think it may refer to something like a prayer for ___________________________. 

As I read Psalm 57, look for the 2 different ways we could outline it.

What 2 verses are identical?

David’s _________________________ from his “Lion’s den”                                                         V. 1-5

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say “Destroy!”                                                  -Deut. 33:27 

The concept of going to God for refuge goes back to Moses (Deut. 33:27), but David’s family owned it in such a way that when he didn’t have a ___________________ to go for refuge, he went to God!

Sometimes the Selah is there to make you think of what came before – here it may be to emphasize the ________________________ line: God shall send forth His mercy and His truth.

Mercy is the great Hebrew word Hesed and truth is the great Hebrew word emets, which often go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Let not mercy and truth forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.                                                                      -Prov. 3:3                                        Remember also Ex. 34:6ff

Saul and his men were hunting David like lions do; The Philistines would love to get him back for the tens of thousands he killed; Here he is in a cave with men described as distressed, in debt, and discontented (1 Samuel 22:1-2). I would be __________________________ out to God also!    

Verse 5 is a benediction to end the first section. David has full confidence that God is in control despite the seeming chaos he is in the middle of. I believe the ____________________ of God is the number one theme in the Bible.

David’s ____________________ in his “Lion’s Den”                                                                          V. 6-11

I love how David describes what will happen to his _______________________ – they spread a net for him, but they got trapped in it; they dug a pit for him to fall into, and in they went.

In verse 1 David doubled up on asking for God’s mercy; here he doubles up on pledging his own steadfastness no matter his _______________________________!

I love how often the words of David show his heart for the peoples beyond Israel to hear the praises of God. His own future reign shows people from different backgrounds who had turned to Yahweh with him.

There’s those words again, Hesed and emets – God’s faithful love and His truth are the _______________________’s defining realities for David and Israel.