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Psalm 59 Worksheet

Psalm 59 is another Trouble and Trust Psalm within the series of 8 complaint Psalms from 52-59.   This is the 3rd straight Michtam of David set to the tune “Do not destroy.”

David wasn’t going to kill Saul even though he had multiple _______________________ to  do just that. He was not going to harm the ‘Lord’s anointed.’ In these unfair circumstances, David took his concerns to God in prayer. 

What are the repeated verses?

First verse: Plea for God to arise and help David ____________________                            V. 1-5

What vivid verbs does David use to ask for God’s help in verses 1-2?

Remember that David was a mighty warrior. He could defend himself and kill Saul. But he is ___________________________ not to act in his own strength because he believes that in this case that would be sin against God. And so he prays.

One key to understanding declarations like verses 3-4 in the Psalms is that David is not claiming to be without sin (remember Psalm 51:5), but he is stating his ___________________ in the matter at hand.

David really was powerless in this situation because of Saul’s incredible authority as king, and all he could do was ask the Ultimate Authority to _____________________.

What are the 2 things David asks God to “wake up” and do in verses 4-5?

Chorus: David compares his enemies to ____________________ dogs                               V. 6-7

What do you think David has in mind by saying his attacking enemies are saying, “Who hears?”

Verse 2: David’s plea for God to ______________________ this matter justly                   V. 8-13

What earlier Psalm does verse 8 remind us of?

Verse 8 reminds us that God will always have the __________________________ word!

What are some of the benefits of waiting on the Lord?

Verse 11 makes me think of how when Saul did die David mourned greatly for him and wrote a song about it in 2 Samuel 1:17-27

Chorus: David compares his enemies to ____________________ dogs                            V. 14-15

I get the feeling David is thinking here about how _____________________ Saul’s actions are when there are so many Philistines to deal with!

David’s final ________________________ of trust and praise                                                  V. 16-17