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Psalm 60 Worksheet

It’s to the chief musician, as ______________ total Psalms are!

There is something unique in the heading, the words “for teaching.” This is the only occurrence of that in the Psalms! I wonder based on the tone of the Psalm if David wants to teach something to _________________, the General he had a complicated relationship with!

The events referred to in the heading probably refers to events described in 2 Samuel 8 and 1 Chronicles 18.


Victory feels like defeat when the Lord isn’t ______________________                                                     V. 1-3

But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord.                                                   -2 Sam. 11:27b

And God was displeased with this thing; therefore He struck Israel.  -1 Chr. 21:7

Those who are especially sensitive to things that displease the Lord need to remember to always start their evaluation with __________________________. 


Help us to remember we represent you, Lord                                                                                                            V. 4-5

Those who love the Lord are called to both fear Him and revere Him. The fear of the Lord helps us repent and line up with what He wants of us. That leads to a life where others can see us _______________ God reverently.

David doesn’t want to just wear a Star of David t-shirt here – he wants Israel’s talk to _____________ their walk – he wants to worship in Spirit and in Truth like John 4:24 calls for!


Help us to remember that You gave ________________ victories, Lord                                                     V. 6-8

The entire north of the country is sometimes referred to as Ephraim because of the importance of the tribes descended from Joseph. The other tribe that overshaded them all was Judah, the Kingly tribe. David’s point is that God is over ________________ part of Israel, all 12 tribes.

Moab is a neighbor to the east of Israel, Edom is a neighbor to the southeast, and Philistia were neighbors to the southwest. All had acted out in the past against Israel, and were rightfully subdued and paying ______________________ to Israel under David’s rule.

As God’s nation, it was even more ____________ for Israel to fear and trust God than it was to be military ready.


Help us to remember that You give the __________________ victory, Lord                                            V. 9-12

As Obadiah indicates, Edom as a nation never got over Esau’s losing the blessing to Jacob, and as a people constantly made Israel it’s _____________________. David entrusts this ongoing mess to God’s help.

David asks God here to help them overcome trouble, some of which they may have brought on themselves by acting in the _______________________.

David ends the Psalm with a great prayer for God’s help in doing God’s right things in God’s right ways, acting valiantly through faith, and leaving the _____________________ to God.