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Psalm 62 Worksheet

There are 3 Psalms that are to Juduthun – 39, 62, and 77 – one in each of the first 3 of the 5 books of the Psalms. Jeduthun’s name means “_____________________,” and he was one of David’s first praise leaders, leading one of the 3 main sections of musicians.

The main theme of Psalm 62 is ________________________ in God.

The 2 Selah’s help outline the Psalm neatly into three 4 verse sections.

God keeps me _______________________ when others want to topple me                                      V. 1-4

What 3 things does David say God is for him in verse 2?

What kind of position does David describe himself in in verse 4?

In contrast to the strong tower of refuge that God is for David, the things his enemies are relying on are ‘leaning walls,’ ‘tottering fences’ that easily ______________________ over.

What indications do we have in verse 4 that some of these people who would do David harm have been close to him before?

God will keep you who ___________________ Him from falling over also                                          V. 5-8

Verses 1-2 are almost identical with verses 5-6.

When you pray, do you have a sense of _________________________ of what God is going to do in your life?

Like David let’s ______________________ what God is to us!

David calls the nation to have the same kind of trust in God that he had, and to be in constant prayer to the God their _________________________ come from.

The ___________________ of trusting in anyone but God                                                                            V. 9-12

In verse 9 David brings to mind a scales you weigh things on. We are more impressed by people the world calls “somebodies” than by people the world calls “nobodies.” But neither has the substance to _______________________ the scales when compared to God.

David has already said God is our Glory! The root word for Glory is the same root word for ______________. Compared to people, God has REAL substance, real weight, real glory!

Wicked people making wicked decisions will relatively quickly lead to ___________________ of eternal significance – stick with God.

Note the once-twice device David uses in verse 11. This is a memory device in Hebrew. Two-Three occurs in Dt. 17:6; Three-Four occurs in Proverbs & Amos; Six-Seven occurs in Prov. 6:16. 

David emphasizes 2 key truths about God they can trust in and build their lives around: his power and His mercy.

Notice the Psalm doesn’t end there, though – it ends with a helpful reminder that we will each render an _____________________ to God for how we have lived – so live by trust in God, not by compromises made with the world.