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Gospel On-Ramps                  Acts 14:1-20

“A blessed spectator”             Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel


The ________________________ On-Ramp                        V. 1-7

The word apostle simply means sent ones, so it can be used of any person sent out as a church plante.

It also can be used in a stricter sense to refer to the writers of the New Testament, whose message God stamped with His approval. When the New Testament was finished, that use of the word apostle was also! 

The Share and Meet _______________ ‘as you are going’ On-Ramp                                                                                             V. 8-13

Lystra was 20 miles south of Iconium. It was a Roman military outpost, with many people there that didn’t speak Greek or Roman.

Even if you can’t heal somebody, you can do the basic thing that Paul and Barnabas  were doing here: testify to what Jesus has done in your life and meet the needs you _____________________ around you!

The _____________________ On-Ramp                              V. 11-20

Paul doesn’t start with the Jewish law with these Gentiles. Instead, Paul refers to Creation, Providence, and _______________________ to try and get the people to Jesus!

Acts 16:1-2                  2 Timothy 1:5

Christian, let me encourage you to keep studying your Bible, but also study _______________________, so you can use gospel on-ramps to get them ready to hear about Jesus!