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From Dawn to Dusk                Acts 28:11-31

If we didn’t have Acts and went from John’s gospel to Paul’s letter to the Romans, we would have no idea how the gospel got from the Jews in Jerusalem to the Gentiles in ________________.

Our theme for the book of Acts has been “Ordinary believers can do ___________________ things through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Acts 1:14

As citizens of the Kingdom of God, Jesus is our King: we obey His commands now and represent His spiritual kingdom while we wait His __________________rule on earth.

Acts 2:37-42

The remarkable people we have met in Acts persevered amidst persecution. They told those who would seek to shut them up that while they respected human authority they must _____________ God rather than man when it comes to getting the news about Jesus out!

Twin brothers (v. 11) is a reference to the twin sons of ____________, Castor and Pollux, that were often put on mastheads and regarded as protectors of seafarers.

Syracuse (v. 12) is on the east side of Sicily, about 85 miles from Malta. Cicero called it the “__________________ city in the empire.”

Rhegium (v. 13) is the very ____________ of the Italian boot, 70 miles from Syracuse.

200 miles further they came to Puteoli, a major port in southern Italy; At Puteoli they could look up and see Mount Vesuvius, which would erupt _______ years after this and destroy the city below it, Pompeii.

Perhaps some of the believers who came from Rome (v. 15-16) were among some of the ________ people Paul had mentioned in his letter to the Romans, written about 5 years before this.

Romans 1:11-15

From dawn to dusk (v. 23-24)! That sums up Paul’s life as a witness, and should ours as well. During our waking hours we ________________ Jesus Christ.

Paul quotes from Isaiah 6, as Jesus and John also did: those who continually reject the revelation they have received will get increasingly ________________ hearts as they sin against their own conscience and the Holy Spirit’s conviction.

Here again we see God’s Big Plan (v. 28-29): the gospel is also for __________________!

Acts starts with Jesus proclaiming the Kingdom of God to His disciples in Jerusalem, and ends with one of their _____________ proclaiming the Kingdom of God in Rome (v. 30-31).

Philippians 1:12-14; 4:22

What was begun with so much heroism ought to be continued with ardent zeal, since we are assured that the same Lord is mighty still to carry out His heavenly designs.”         -Charles Spurgeon